12 V Lead Acid Battery Industry Development Direction

 12V Lead Acid Battery China 's 12 v lead - acid battery industry development direction

  (A) to encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, to improve industrial concentration

  To enhance the industrial agglomeration effect, and actively respond to a variety of market risks, through the equipment, personnel, technology, effective integration, reduce waste, the formation of structural optimization of some of the products, increase investment in environmental protection, an effective solution to the production process pollution problems, further improve the backbone enterprises Comprehensive strength, to achieve large-scale, group development.

  (B) 12 v lead-acid battery showed an increasing trend

  Seize the market to give, continue to expand 12 v lead-acid battery industry scale, and strive to 2010 production of about 131.75 million KVAH, sales of 66 billion yuan.

  (C) 12 v lead-acid battery development focus

  12V Lead Acid Battery Although 12 v lead-acid battery technology continues to progress, but its specific power, cycle life and other issues is still the focus of industry research topics. Therefore, to strengthen research and development efforts, and strive to improve the level of scientific research, enhance competitiveness is the only way for industrial development. Through the bridge and the role of the association, and vigorously for enterprises to create a platform for communication and exchange, with the upstream lead, partitions and other industries, such as vehicles, mechanical and electrical equipment to form a joint R & D, collectively joined the foreign ALABC Union or similar alliance to develop, Enhance the industry's research and development capabilities.

  (D) to speed up product restructuring, standardize the recycling and recycling market

  Increase the proportion of new products, the development of sound and resource-saving products, focusing on the development of sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, the gradual elimination of open batteries. Speed up the technological transformation of 12 v lead-acid battery enterprises, the use of advanced technology equipment, effective control of the production process of environmental pollution problems, to achieve cleaner production. Encourage colloidal lead-acid batteries, winding lead-acid batteries and bipolar and other new battery research and development, improve the specific power and lead utilization. Standardize lead-acid battery recycling and recycling market, to reduce the waste lead-acid batteries on the environment pollution, to the sound and resource-saving direction.

  (5) to expand and standardize the export market and avoid trade friction

  12V Lead Acid Battery Carefully study the international market demand, the export product structure to make appropriate adjustments to reduce the price of competitive products exports, the development of new applications and markets. To capture the market share at low prices, only 12 v lead-acid battery exports in China caused a fatal blow. At the same time, may be subject to foreign anti-dumping litigation, resulting in the product was imposed high anti-dumping duties, loss of self-raising prices. Therefore, the association should play a role in regulating the order of foreign trade and industrial development, protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, establish a standardized order of competition, to prevent unfair low-cost export behavior. While the target market countries to study the relevant policies, consider the establishment of overseas manufacturing base.

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