Front Terminal Battery Technology Breakthroughs For Mobile Phone Performance Improvement Poss

Front Terminal Battery technology breakthroughs for mobile phone performance improvement possible

In the mobile phone performance continues to improve now, built-in lithium front end battery battery capacity has become a shortcoming of mobile phone performance and then enhance the bottleneck. Recently Xiaobian collecting the world, to find the top ten most advanced Front Terminal Battery technology, can make your phone Front Terminal Battery performance in the near future to get an unprecedented upgrade. Let us know below.

1. Electronic equipment acts as a charger

Electronic equipment charging between each other has become a reality. For example: Asus produced Padfone in the mobile phone and tablet combination, the flat base can automatically charge the phone front battery. ZTE launched Projector Hotspot can also use the process of its use of its 5000mAh Front Terminal Battery capacity for other equipment power supply. In addition, Huawei's Ascend Mate 2 contains a reverse power supply, its 4050mAh Front Terminal Battery can act as a charger, at the critical moment to ensure that other power shortage equipment is still able to normal use.

2. Charging in 30 seconds is complete

What is the fastest time that the current technology can achieve? The answer is given by Israel StoreDot for 30 seconds. Its latest release of a charger using the most cutting-edge technology, from zero to full of a Galaxy S4 only 30 seconds. But now because of technical reasons can not immediately put into mass production.

In addition, the combination of the charger and the Front Terminal Battery can effectively increase the Front Terminal Battery can be used to increase the battery cycle, improve Front Terminal Battery life. This environment can help us save money to buy a new Front Terminal Battery products, the earliest possible listing in 2016.

3. The super capacitor combines the capacitor with the front battery

The so-called super capacitor is between the ordinary Front Terminal Battery and rechargeable front-end batteries, can be quickly filled, storage capacity, and can maintain a longer power supply equipment. While the super capacitor charging cycle up to tens of thousands of times, more durable. Blueshift bamboo speaker is used in this technology. Just a few minutes to charge for 6 hours of music playback.

4. Front Terminal Battery shape tricks

LG's LG Chemical is committed to Front Terminal Battery research and development. At the end of 2013, at the end of the introduction of new technologies in front-end batteries, LG Chemical said the Front Terminal Battery will be made into a variety of uncommon shapes, including arc, ladder or cable shape, to maximize the savings of mobile phones, Watch box Other wearable equipment with limited internal space. Previous cases include the LG G2's lithium-ion Front Terminal Battery because of the use of stepped design to save space, making the front battery capacity increased by 16%, life than ordinary Front Terminal Battery more than 3 hours.

5. Large mobile power supply for all equipment

Trontium Reactor shape is a metal-made cylinder, this mobile power price of up to 300 US dollars (about 1870 yuan). It has a built-in 290-watt Front Terminal Battery and three USB 3.0 ports that can charge the iPhone 50 times or charge the MacBook 5 times. As the first portable general power supply, Trontium Reactor let us see this type of product in the future development potential.

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