Main Performance Requirements For Lead Battery Diaphragm In Industrial Production

Main performance requirements for Lead Battery diaphragm in industrial production

With the introduction of new energy vehicles, demand for dynamic lead batteries has expanded. As the core material of Lead Battery, the diaphragm has a direct influence on the capacity, circulation performance and safety performance of the battery. In the industrial production, the main performance requirements of the membrane of the lithium-ion battery are mainly in the following aspects:

1. Uniformity of thickness

The thickness uniformity of Lead Battery diaphragm directly affects the appearance quality of the diaphragm coil and the inner performance, the thickness uniformity of diaphragm includes the uniformity of longitudinal thickness and the uniformity of transverse thickness. The uniformity of transverse thickness is particularly important. Generally, all requirements are under 1 micron.

2. Mechanical properties

The general tensile strength of tensile strength mainly refers to that the longitudinal strength should be above 100mP and the lateral strength should not be too large. The strength of the puncture is caused by the diaphragm which is sandwiched between the uneven positive and negative plates, which requires a lot of pressure. In order to prevent short circuit, the diaphragm must have a certain anti-puncture strength. In experience, the strength of the puncture strength is 300 ~ 500g.

3. Performance

The membrane permeability is the result of the influence of the internal pore structure of the diaphragm with the porosity of the diaphragm, the pore diameter, the shape of the hole and the tortuosity of the aperture. The lead cell diaphragm has micropore structure, and the distribution of micropores in the entire diaphragm material should be uniform. The pore diameter is usually 0.03 mu m ~ 0.12 mu m, the aperture is too small to increase the resistance, too large to make the positive negative pole contact or to be punctured by the dendrite.

4. Physical and chemical properties

Wettability and wetting speed, better wettability can improve the charge and discharge performance and capacity of the battery. Chemical stability, the diaphragm in the electrolyte should maintain long-term stability, not with the electrolyte and electrode material reaction. Thermal stability and temperature rise, the diaphragm should maintain the original integrity and certain mechanical properties. The safety of Lead Battery is the most important part of Lead Battery manufacturer.

Industrial production in this paper the main properties of the Lead Battery diaphragm on the requirements provided by the Lead Battery manufacturers, production of lead batteries are: common lead batteries 12 v, 24 v lead batteries, lead batteries 36 v, 48 v lead batteries, 60 v lead batteries.

Do you know what is the main reference factor in choosing lead batteries? The key: Lead Battery life is the leading cause, can't just buy the home is not used as soon as it can't be used. The second is the capacity of the Lead Battery, as in the case of the generator Lead Battery, we generally choose the battery size according to the model or type of the engine.

Battery when starting the engine of the output current is very big, in the case of general is about 150 a to 200 a and at low temperature [- 10 degrees] when it comes to high output current of 250 a to 300 a, so if the capacity of lead batteries and generator doesn't match the capacity of lead batteries will become small, so the engine starting resistance is very big, and small battery capacity of lead batteries will accelerate in the case of violent discharge on the unit of the active material and the reaction of sulfuric acid, which lead the higher temperature of the battery, and because the plate more than load will make it become bent, the best result can cause a lot of active material loss, and can make plate early damage, thus shortening the service life of lead batteries will be many, so if it is lead batteries with a slightly larger capacitance, even if is not going to happen the problems above but also there will be no more fully active substances, therefore lead batteries economy will drop, all in that we buy Lead Battery charge capacity and must match engine, and in selecting the capacity of lead batteries need according to the machine power of the engine, and according to the load of electric equipment to make a decision.

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