The Effect Of Deep Cycle Battery Voltage On Battery Life

The effect of Deep Cycle Battery voltage on battery life
Deep Cycle Battery is a few or a "primary battery" composition, each of the original battery voltage of about 2 volts, multiple primary batteries in series to form a higher voltage battery. Conventional 12V battery consists of six primary batteries, 24-volt battery consists of 12 original batteries and so on.
When the Deep Cycle Battery is charged, each of the primary batteries connected in series is charged. The performance of the original battery is slightly different will lead to some of the original battery charging voltage than other original battery high, this part of the battery will be aging in advance. As long as the series of a battery performance degradation, the performance of the entire battery will be the same decline. The test shows that the battery life and the number of primary batteries in series, the more the number of batteries in series, lead-acid battery life will be shorter. The following are the same as the "
In the deep cycle of the battery capacity is certain, the design should be as much as possible to reduce the number of battery packs in series, so that the longer the battery life, the battery voltage is certain, should choose a small number of voltage plateau battery in series, do not choose the number of multi-voltage Low battery in front of the battery.
In the entire UPS power system, the Deep Cycle Battery is to determine the length of the UPS power supply device, but the size of the Deep Cycle Battery capacity by the "number of hours (AH)" this indicator reflects its meaning is the current discharge time. The same voltage of the battery, the large number of hours of large capacity; the same number of hours of the battery, the high voltage capacity, usually in terms of voltage and security hours together that the battery capacity, such as 12V / 7AH, 12V / 24AH, 12V / 65AH, 12V / 100AH.
Ordinary backup UPS power supply generally built-in 4AH or 7AH battery, which is often we say the standard machine, the battery capacity is fixed, then the power supply time is to see the size of the UPS load determined by the decision. In addition UPS power supply is also equipped with large-capacity battery long-term models (long machine), the user can be based on the need to achieve the backup time to determine how much capacity with the battery.
Deep Cycle Battery is an important part of UPS power supply, occupies a large proportion of the value, and its quality is directly related to the normal use of UPS, so should carefully choose a quality assurance of deep Deep Cycle Battery, driving force Guangdong Top Ten Brand UPS Deep Cycle Battery, is your first choice for spare energy storage.

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